Mold Bomb Fogger Review: Does it work?

First, we want to inform you that mold in homes isn’t something you do alone. According to a study on residential houses in America, 33% are affected or have mildew. It is estimated that the U.S. has more than 138 millions residential homes. That’s more than 45,000,000 homes that have a mold problem like yours.

Mold and Your Family’s Health

Most people are familiar with the horror stories of mold problems in homes. Some of the stories have some truth to them. Mold can cause allergies, asthma, skin and eye irritations, and even allergic reactions. Mold can be dangerous because you don’t know what type of mold may be in your home. The danger of mold exposure is especially dangerous for children and seniors. It is important to immediately remove mold from your home if you discover it.

Mold Foggers

Mold foggers generally kill mold and moldspores. Because these products act as foggers, they can reach places where other mold-killing products might be too difficult to reach. Bio-Cide Laboratories Mold Bomb doesn’t make exception.

The best thing to do is place this fogger where you think you have mold problems. Multiple bombs will be needed if you have mold problems in more than one part of your home. Evacuate pets and everyone from the house. Once everyone is out, press the tab on the fogger and you can walk away. The fogger should have finished its job within two hours and the mold should no longer exist.

End of story? No!

It may appear that the mold is dead, but it is not gone. You will still see visible mold when your walls, ceilings and floors are cleaned up after fogging. It’s not gone. The fogging agent, or the mist of chemicals, works just like a rainstorm.

You will notice how fresh and clean the air appears when you first step outside after a gentle rainfall. It’s because the rain “washed” the atmosphere, collecting all pollutants and pulling them to earth. Mold foggers do exactly this. It pulls out any mold spores that are floating in the atmosphere and collects them. Even though the spores might be dead, they will still be present in your house. Research shows that even though the spores have died, dead mold can still cause problems. Dead mold spores contain allergens as well as toxins.

There is no shortcut

While mold doesn’t necessarily need to be removed from your home, it does need to be cleaned up. Do you see any mold under the carpet? Is active mold still present somewhere else? It is not dead. This is a poor attempt to reduce mold hazards in your home.

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