Best Mold & Mildew Removal Products

The Difference Between Mold & Mildew

While most people mistakenly use the terms mildew and mold interchangeably, there are two types of fungi. Mildew is found on top of surfaces. It appears flat and has a growth pattern that resembles a spilled or splash-like color. Mold typically grows in circular patterns that rise above the surface. Mold can “through” material and have a slightly fuzzy appearance.

Mildew is more damaging than mold. Because it only grows on the surfaces, mildew is usually easier to eradicate than mold. Mildew is usually removed by using a mildew-removing cleaner and some elbow grease. Mold can also cause irreparable damage to the materials that it grows on. Because mold grows beyond the surface, it is difficult to remove completely by wiping away.

Mold and Mildew Removers: Hard Surfaces

These materials include porcelain and ceramic tile, plastic, metal, glass, and fiberglass. These materials are non porous which means they will not allow water, air, or any other fluids to pass through them.

A solution of chlorine bleach and warm water is ideal for these surfaces. For hard surfaces, you can also use antimicrobial cleaners. These cleaners can often be more effective than bleach, and are available at most home improvement stores. RMR and Concrobium brand products, such as RMR141, RMR86, and Mold Control, are the best. These products can be used right out of the container and do not require any scrubbing.

Mold and Mildew Removers: Porous surfaces

Porous surfaces are porous. Fluids and air can pass through porous surfaces. These surfaces are also well-suited for the RMR products mentioned above. Mold must be removed carefully from porous surfaces. Mold can grow through porous materials, such as concrete, drywall, wood, and drywall. (Yes, concrete is porous so water can pass through concrete at any time. Professional mold remediators recommend the replacement of porous materials. You can’t see into the wall or material affected by mold, so how can you ensure that it is gone?

Mold and Mildew Removers

Concrobium mold control
ProRestore Mediclean Disinfectant spray
Benefect Botanical Desinfectant (from plant extractions with no warnings)
EcoClean Solutions Lemocide

Help with Mold Removal

You should take care when cleaning up mold or mildew contaminated materials. It is very easy for mold and mildew spores spread to other parts of your home. 

Most mold remediation involves special training and the use of equipment to safely remove mildew and mold from homes. Sometimes it’s best to hire professionals.

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