Tips from a Mold Inspector

When we see mold, our initial reaction is to ignore it or veer away from it. However, when we ignore it, we are just increasing the chances of letting it grow. As early as now, we must check our homes for any signs of mold growth. According to a mold inspector, here are some areas of the house where we need to look for it regularly.

  • Basements

During the winter nights, our basement often times gets filled with moist. When there is a presence of moist, mold can grow very quickly. So, you better check your basement for mold or hire a mold inspection service provider to do the job in your stead.

  • Kitchen Sinks

Mold also grows in this area since there’s a presence of moisture. If ever you see one, immediately contact a mold inspector to avoid health repercussions.

If you have a suspicion your house is infested with mold, better call Affordable Mold Testing, a mold inspection service provider in Houston, TX, as soon as possible.