The Importance of Mold Testing

Mold can be found just about everywhere. However, there are certain types of mold that require professional help. To make sure that your home is safe, you can call for a professional mold inspection. If you let mold fester in your home, it can cause health problems for the members of your household.

Mold Inspection Service
During a mold inspection, a professional will come to your house to check for the presence of mold. They will inspect all areas of your home, especially crawlspaces, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Any dark and moist environment is conducive for the growth of mold.

Types of Testing
There are three main types of mold testing. There is air, surface, and bulk testing. Air testing is done by getting a sample of your indoor air. This will assess the concentration of mold spores floating in the air. The sample will be examined under a microscope. The air sample will tell you if there is an existing mold problem in your home even if there are no visible signs. Surface testing is done by swabbing your household surfaces. Bulk testing involves taking material from the home and examining it.

Why You Need Testing
Mold testing is important so that the professionals can come up with an effective removal solution. Mold can cause property damage and health issues. A mold problem needs to be taken care of quickly because mold can spread throughout your home.

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