Can a home inspection detect asbestos?

California requires all persons to be licensed by EPA to identify or disclose asbestos. Because they have been licensed with the EPA, certain inspectors are able to perform asbestos testing. This designation is not available to all inspectors. Testing for asbestos is often beyond the expertise of home inspectors due to the requirements of special licensing.

Check the licensing status of an asbestos tester if they are a home inspector.

In most cases, asbestos testing should be requested before the property inspection begins. However, it can also be requested if inspectors notice areas that may be of concern.

Asbestos can be found in buildings and structures constructed before 1978. It is more common than it was before 1978. Although asbestos is still used extensively, it can still be found within structures that were built after 1978.

It is strongly recommended that an asbestos inspector/contractor be licensed to further inspect houses and structures built in this era.

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